2017 Recommended Reading - Individualized Reading


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     Consider the suggestions below an Individualized Reading Schedule.  Based on your personality and interest, I think the following books could help you personalize some of he material and help you make a lasting impression -- or, as AP says, create a more "global perspective".  

     The process goes like this: 

             1) Read the Book/Watch Documentary

             2) Complete a Work-Over

                                            A. Documentary - October 5

                                            B. Reading - December 14

       With the urgency of sports, homework, end of the season issues, new season issues, test taking, family travel, sickness, etc, I recommend you start reading these books soon:

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Period 5

Patrick —  Hillbilly Elegy 

Kristin - The Movie Book  

Sofia - Decisive

Shannon - Travelling Mercies

Cassi - Whole New Mind 

Abby - Modern Romanc

Belle - Top Dog

Libby - Lets Hang Out Sometime

Haliegh -  Made to Stick

Jacci - Tatoos on the Heart 

Payton - Influence 

Karagan - Unwomanly Face of War

Hailey - Grit

Nolan - Game On 

Anna -  Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging

Period 7

Sofia - There Are No Children Here

Cris - The Sports Gene

Isaiah Switch 

Liam Focus, Hidden Driver of Excellence

Sam Slow Getting Up

Jamie Just Mercy

Cindy -Stitches

Shane Wanted 

Annika  Wheels of Change

Torina Choke: Secrets of Getting it Right

Katelyn   - Drive: What Motivates Us

Jakob  - Raising Men

Lucya This Changes Everything

Dylan - 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

Petyon Steal Like an Artist 

Elle Myth of the Perfect Girl

Maddy - The Curse of the Good Girl 

* These are only suggestions; they are available in the library, but if you find something that interests you more (from the books available in the library or on the Classroom Resources Page or on the LCHS Library’s Resource Page), you can choose whatever you like.

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