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We will be using short fiction and poetry to teach you some of the major ideas of related to American Literature.  Outside reading will be for longer, independent work which will culiminate in writing assignments throughout (at the end of) the 3rd Quarter.  For this reading, you will have to buy two books (you can buy them on Amazon for a penny).


In order to take these quizzes, you will need to click on the specific quiz below.  Click on "Student Site" and you will need to logon.  Use the following information:

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Great Gatsby Reading Quizzes                                        Of Mice and Men Reading Quizzes

      * Gatsby Quiz, Ch. 1-2 (Jan 29)                                                  * Steinbeck Quiz, Ch 1-2 (3/5)

      * Gatsby Quiz, Ch. 3-5 (Feb 5)                                                  * Steinbeck Quiz, Ch 3-4 (3/12)

      * Gatsby Quiz, Ch. 6-8 (Feb 12)                                                * Steinbeck Quiz, Ch 5-6 (3/19)

      * Gatsby Quiz, Last Chapters (Feb 26)

     For the quizzes below, you will come to class on the given day, we will take the quiz, and you will move on.  For those of you who are apt to rely on my prompts/reminders from the teacher, don't.  This process simulates what some of you will encounter in college. They are called Labs, they are mostly designed to see how well you organize yourself, and this is pretty much my purpose here.

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