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Conclusions - Going Inside the Self

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In this blog, you will read part of one story and the whole of another:


     Below, you will practice something vital: metaphorical writing.

     As you write in class, you will come to grips with the forms of writing (IIC, Compare-Contrast, Telescope, Argumentation Models), but STYLE comes from different rhetorical modes.  Of all the modes, the unofficial one (metaphor) could bring you the highest results, if done correctly.  If you can start with a metaphor and weave it all the way through your essay, you're AP meter could go through the roof.  The key, then, is to know how to integrate it.  It all starts with the Introduction, but the conclusion makes the essay.  

     So, below you have a sample Introduction.  After reading these two stories, write a conclusion that integrates facts from the stories, and that uses cause and effect to show how and why the authors used literary techniques (characters, settings, tones) of the stories came about.  Note: pay attention to the rhetorical modes used in the Intro, and try and mimic them in the conclusion:

     Nobody knew where he came from.  We were all sitting in the restaurant enjoying a family meal when he came in, took his place at the counter, and said "Chef, dinner's on me.  I'm buying."  But I could tell he wasn't buying.  His fingers were as brown as his old tattered coat; his face needed thatching.  Sunken black eyes, crooked teeth, and matted hair: he was not the buying type.  As a child, I hoped he was telling the truth -- that we'd all get a free dinner.  But, even as a child, I noticed he looked like he had dropped something important, but didn't quite realize it yet.  All at once, he was noticably lost and pretending to be found.  We had a lost and found at school; one time I found a pair of shoes I left at school the month before.  But, even as a child, I sensed nobody could box what this guy lost, and nobody would wait around long enough for him to find it.

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