Blog 2.14 - Regionalism: London and Chopin

     In his essay Art and Truth, James Sire says of art:

At the broadest possible level, the truth of the arts consists in what they tell us about human values.  The arts are the most accurate index we have to basic human values -- to human convictions about what is workth having, what is important, and what matters most in life.

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     Keeping this quotation in mind, read the following story:  A Pair of Silk Stockings, by Kate Chopin.

     Bear in mind that an author and speaker are not necessarily the same thing; the author's neutrality on an issue often makes the characters voices become the focus -- anyone know what this is called (you'd better at this point).  Thinking of the two readings above, answer the following prompt:

"What does this story tell us about values?"

      Do not assume the answer is easy.  You will first need to decide what kind of story is being told, what kind of character is being portrayed, and what sort of response you (as the reader) carry away from the author's handling of the subject?  Then, using Enumeratio (Device 22) and Apostrophe (Device 21 - talk directly to the value being portrayed) demonstrate the impression the author has made on you.

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