Blog 2.11 - Regionalism

Regionalism . . .

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      After the American landscape had been explored, people’s concerns tilted back east, from where they had come.  After a person has walked a path, they tend to return, and, this time, with eyes ready to see the world around them.  As authors examine the world before them, they begin to look differently at the elements about which they used to take for granted — and they generally find it more revealing than their first encounter.  Therefore, for this blog, you need to read two texts: 

1) Regionalism Article 

2) A Poem (Barefoot Boy, Riley)

      After reading, answer the following prompt using by writing from the Outside (Panoramic) - In (Microscopic) — one device (regionalism) looked at three different ways (from the poem).  

“What literary devices create a sense of regionalism in this poem?"

Here’s a good pattern to use:

Topic Sentence — your thesis/conclusion

Definition - from article (no need to cite)

Example - device from poem

Definition - from article (no need to cite)

Example - device from poem 

Definition - from article (no need to

Example - device from poem

Conclusion — compare-contrast to other lit

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