Introduction to Fear

Introduction to Fear

      This response will have three paragraphs.  Do each of the first two apart from one another.  In other words, write the first paragraph before you read Part II.

     Part I: 

Read the essay Perspectives on Fear.  In the e-mail response, give a brief, one paragraph explanation that answers the question: "What is the point of this essay?"  The response should be more than just the answer.  Use text to demonstrate your argument, meaning it should use details from both the picture and the essay to support your case.

      Part II: 

Then look at the picture above.  Make three observations that relate to this picture. In the second paragraph of your response, explain how the essay and the picture relate to one another. (BTW: can you see three people in this painting?  Watch the color, and think about the story Picasso, the artist, could be telling you).

     Part III:

Finally, explain how you connect to both the essay and the picture.  It may be a comparison-contrast perspective or it may be a correlation paragraph when you explain how the truth of these two stories relate to your life in some way.

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