Blog 3 - Editorial Lead

      Punch makes a point.  Feature creates and emotional response.  Editorial deals with the "Big Idea".  Whereas Punch deals with an event, and a Feature deals with a subject, an Editorial demonstrates how and event/subject effects the community at large.  To be a good writer, you will eventually have to learn how to blend all of these purposes into one essay.  Remember the tools at your disposal:

      Punch -- short, says exactly what it should 

      Periodic Sentences - long, suspenseful, and builds to the point at the end

      Loose Sentences - point made at beginning with suspense at the end


Write an Editorial lead (who, what, where, why, when) relying primarily on all your sentences to tell the story in the picture above.  As the Speaker (the voice the reader is listening to) you need to think thematically; find one idea/lesson that tells this story, think about cause and effect, and use global examples to reinforce your point.

Before doing this, do Device 20 Section in Literary Devices Workbook and utilize it in your writing.   When you use this device, WRITE THE SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS -- that will show me you understand the concept.

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