Blog 2 - Feature Lead

       Features require emotion, and emotion requires more space.  The purpose of a feature is to bring the reader to an understanding of the subject.  The important difference between this and the straight lead?  SIZE. 

     In writing size comes about by detail, and detail requires emotions, and emotions require tone words, moode, phrases, and clauses, and tone.  Remember your two major kinds of sentences

       Periodic Sentences - long, suspenseful, and builds to the point at the end

      Loose Sentences - point made at beginning with suspense at the end


Write a feature lead (who, what, where, why, when), relying on these two types of sentence, that creates tension and draws the reader into the story.  With feature leads, you can ask questions, develop word pictures, and evoke emotions.  In the end, the reader should know more about this character than he/she did before reading, and they should have an emotional response to the subject matter.

Before doing this, do Device 5 Section in Literary Devices Workbook and utilize it in your writing.   When you use this device, WRITE THE SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS -- that will show me you understand the concept.

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