Blog 18 - Analysis - What Is America


       Below you will see two perspectives on what America should be, what it could be, and what it is.  On your own, sketch out a Precis that isolates the different parts of the reading, then, 

. . . in a well constructed OCI Paragraph, compare the two selections to purpose and style.  Consider such elements as diction, organization, syntax, rhetorical strategies. and appeals of the articles, and write in a dialectical tone using ethos in your argument.*  

Before you do this, read Exercise 2 of Device 19 (Metabasis) and incorporate this device as you move from one topic to the next -CAPITALIZE the portion in your paragraph that uses the device.

* This question is not asking you to take a side.  It wants you to evaluate the language, which requires that you use description, classification, and example

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