Blog 1 - Straight Lead

      Style is everything!  In order to understand good style, you have to understand bad style.  By the end of the year, you will have to use different styles within a paragraph to make your writing interesting.  For now, you need to understand two kinds of sentences:

       Periodic Sentences - long, suspenseful, and builds to the point at the end

      Loose Sentences - point made at beginning with suspense at the end

     In some cases, though, writing is just plain and straightforward.  This exercise will use the most basic kind of construction -- the straight lead -- which you might find in a newspaper on the front page.  The information you relay will be basic facts; you don't need to worry about ornate language -- just get the point across.  We call this "punch" writing.  A Punch Lead is a straight lead; it gets the reader the facts and there is nothing to be misinterpreted, and it relies on the most basic -- and effective - sentence: the base sentence: the base sentence (subject, verb, and object).


Write a punch lead (who, what, where, why, when) relying primarily on base sentences to tell the story in the picture above.  As the Speaker (the voice the reader is listening to) you should write as a reporter, not just a fact-giver.  You need to tell a story, not just rattle off bullet-points.

Before doing this, do Device 1 Section in Literary Devices Workbook and utilize it in your writing.   When you use this device, WRITE THE SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS -- that will show me you understand the concept.

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